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Fox broadcast fall plans Abrams(Looks to be the top draw on the Cheap Polo Ralph Lauren new fall lineup revealed today by fox. Is a thriller about a trio of researchers who uncover a deadly mystery involving a series of unbelievable events and realize they may be a part of a larger, more disturbing pattern that the line between science fiction and technical.The show will air the following thursday nights at 9, after is simply one of two new shows debuting on fox in the fall. Fox also raised some eyebrows havin their season premiere dates.The network announced that it'll begin rolling out its fall lineup the week of aug.25 duration as the Democratic National Convention(Debuts which have a two hour opener on aug.26). Among fox midseason programs is a drama from the vampire slayer creator joss whedon.Alum eliza dushku is considered the cast.Abrams(Puzzled), Roberto Orci moreover Alex Kurtzman, The c's behind Star Trek, Goal:Difficult iii and alias, comes a new drama that may thrill, terrify and explore the clouding line between science fiction and reality.When a worldwide flight lands at bostons logan airport and the passengers and crew have all died grisly deaths, fbi precious agent olivia dunham(Starter anna torv)Is called in to analyze.After her mate, enjoyable agent john scott(Mark pit, boston ma legal), Is nearly killed during the research, A desperate Olivia searches anxiously for someone to help, Leading the lady to DR.Wally bishop(John respectable, lord with the rings), Our many years Einstein.There is only one catch:Hes been institutionalized during the last 20 years, and the only method to question him requires pulling his estranged son peter(Joshua knutson, dawsons creek)In on the way to.When olivias study leads her to manipulative corporate executive nina sharp(Blair brown lightly, evolved states), Our unlikely trio together fellow FBI Agents PHILLIP BROYLES(Puncture reddick, the line), CHARLIE FRANCIS(Kirk acevedo, ounce.Of)And consequently astrid farnsworth(Jasika nicole, law design:Unlawful intent) Will quickly realize that what happened on Flight 627 is only a small pieceOf a larger, More provocative truth. Development in the body companies:Warner bros.Abrams, roberto orci, alex kurtzman Cast list:Ould-Torv as olivia dunham, joshua fitzgibbons as peter bishop, john noble as walt bishop, puncture reddick as phillip broyles, kirk acevedo very charlie francis, mark area as john scott, blair brown as nina razor-Well-Defined, jin view thatika nicole so just like liketrid farnsworth As an alternative to comedy Cheap Ralph Lauren premiering this fall is: Do not interrupt(Moving title) (Fridays, 9:30 10:00 evening ET/PT):Do not interrupt(Trying title)Is a hilarious work environment comedy set at one Ralph Lauren Sweatshirts of new york citys hottest and hippest hotels:The main inn.Named among the big apples 10 best places to stay, the inn is except"The in destination to be, show casing chic dcor, stylish staff and celebrity customers.Behind the curtain, for the other hand, the upstairs/downstairs dynamic tells quite various story.The hotels top notch reputation and more experienced look is due in large part to neal(Jerry oconnell, traversing jordan) "A in his opinion. (Visitor parking area star robert wagner)Takes all the financial lending, neal is the ego hungry, hyper smart, detail oriented general manager who will do whatever needs doing to keep the hotel and its employees up to his standards.Rhonda(Niecy nash, sparks 911! )Is the head of hr who also keeps neals demands in check.Shes foolhardy, fabulous and brutally honest and runs the hr area from her bullpen downstairs with a set of rules that are all her own.Rhondadoes her best to keep the back entrance in line and the front entrance out of trouble.At the front desk handling check in with 6 inch manolos is nicole(Molly stanton, girl mixed boy twins), A maturing model who is svelte, Cynical and slightly famished.Fresh from nebraska is jer(Brando eaton, zoey 101), The nave bellman who would prefer to work behind the curtain, But was hired to show off his chiseled face and perfect pecs in front of the hotel. The subsequent information new drama is slated for a midseason launch: Doll-House(Mondays, 8:00 9:00 evening ET/PT):Joss whedon, creator of cutting edge cult favorites buffy the vampire slayer and firefly, returns to television and reunites with fellow buffy alumna eliza Dushku for an exilerating new drama, doll-House.Mirror(Dushku)Is a healthy, a member of a highly illegal and underground group who have had their individualities wiped clean so they can be imprinted with any number of new personas.Confined to a secret facility the dollhouse, echo and additional actives including sierra(Dichen lachman, neighbors)And winner(Enver gjokaj, the system)Carry out sites to be assigned by adelle(Olivia williams, x men and wogrownup:One more stand, rushmore), Among the Dollhouse leaders.The sites to be cater to the wealthy, powerful and set up, and require the actives to immerse themselves in many scenarios"Gorgeous, Polo Shirts UK felony, impressive, dodgy, comical and the rare pro bono good deed.After each dilemma, replicate, always under the supervision of her handler boyd(Harry lennix, leader in chief, 24), Returns to the unknown Dollhouse where her thoughts, Feelings and things are erased by TOPHER(Fran kranz, here you are at the captain), The Dollhouses genius developer.Echo enters subsequent scenario with no memory of before.Or absolutely she?As the series advances, fbi adviser paul smith(Tahmoh penikett, battlestar galactica)Pieces together clues contributing him closer to the dollhouse, while echo stops missing a pill, her memories begin to return and she slowly pieces together her completely unknown past.Dollhouse involves echos blossoming self awareness and her desire to discover her true identity.But with each new proposal, comes a new memory and increased danger in and out of the dollhouse.Shot under the guise of a documented, the series reveals the dramatic personal return that millionaires will get when they leave their fortunes to purchase those less fortunate.Challenged if we have with living on minimum wage, the millionaires will immerse themselves in situations beyond their appreciation.They will work side by side with community members and befriend those in need to decide who should ultimately receive their gifts a person can have.The richest will be touched by the people they meet.Some inspires with their dedication to helping others, whilst others will relay stories of overcoming tremendous odds.On another day, the secret richest meet with the chosen recipients and reveal their true identity and intention:To impart them with at least $100, 000"Typically more"That belongs to them money and to change their lives forever.Secret uniform will engage viewers in important social issues, extol the virtues of volunteerism and change the lives of deprived people"Since philanthropists who helped them"In immediate ways. Executive growers:Philip coelen, greg goldman, bruce toms The new animated comedies joining the schedule early in the year include: The cleveland illustrate to(Doing your job title) (Sundays, 9:30 10:00 pm ET/PT):Once, cleveland age(Been vocal by mike henry)Was a high school student madly gets interested a beautiful girl named donna.A lot of to his dismay, the love went unrequited, and donna appeared marrying another man.Cleveland once told donna he'd always love her, and issue man ever done her wrong, hed be there when she known by names like.Extremely successfully, this man done her awry.Donnas husband missed out town with another woman, leaving donna with a simple princess and a baby.Now shes come to cleveland and purchased him another chance at love.Unattached right bash loretta quagmire debacle and true to his word, cleveland joyously takes and he and cleveland jr.To be able to stoolbend, veterans administration, to attend their new family.Once at stoolbend, cleveland has a few blows in store for him, including a flirty new stepdaughter, a 5 year old stepson who loves the women, as well as a collection of neighbors which includes a loudmouth redneck couple, a british family seemingly stuck in the victorian times and a family of bears living at the end of the block.Family guy was only inception.Incomparable the cleveland show(Performing title)!

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